Acknowledgements: second edition

The second edition of the Men who have Sex with Men: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Workers in Africa has been made possible by the combined efforts of the staff at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust research programme, numerous expert contributors, and peer reviewers from various organisations experienced in providing services to MSM in Africa. The dedication and hard work of all team members have resulted in a manual that will benefit health care workers and MSM in Africa. This version builds and improves on the previous manual, and provides a larger glossary and resource section.

Our appreciation goes to the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation for allowing us to use the Adult HIV Training Programme as a guideline for the development. Initial learning activities and tools were adapted from materials developed by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the NAZ Foundation (India) Trust. Input from our expert contributors has resulted in an up-to-date manual that is relevant and accessible to African health care workers. Special mention goes to Benjamin Brown, Zoe Duby, Eduard Sanders and Andrew Scheibe for driving the development and editing processes. We are honoured by the preface provided by Chris Beyrer and for the comments provided by our peer reviewers, who included Kevin Rebe (ANOVA Health Institute, South Africa); Oliver Anene (Male Attitude Network, Nigeria); Paul Semugoma (LGBTI and HIV adviser, Uganda); Chivuli Ukwimi (IGLHRC, South Africa); Lundu Mazoka (Friends of RAINKA, Zambia); Gift Trapence (CEDEP, Malawi); He-Jin Kim (Gender Dynamix, South Africa); MacDarling Cobbinah (Ghana); Cheikh Traore (UNDP, USA); Joseph Rath (SOLIDER, Seychelles); Carlos Toledo, Gail Andrews & Marina Rifkin (CDC, South Africa); Stefan Baral (Johns Hopkins University, USA); Wanja Muguongo (UHAI, Kenya); Andy Seale (Global Fund, Switzerland); Kent Klindera (amFAR, USA); Mark Canavera (West African MSM specialist); Angus Parkinson (USA); James Robertson (India HIV/AIDS Alliance); and Michel Maietta (Sidaction, France).

Without the generous financial support from PEPFAR and the support of CDC (South Africa) the development of this revised edition would not have been possible. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project. Your expertise, resources and guidance have been invaluable.

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